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What is the average penis size?

Hello, my dear!

Today we will discuss a very sensitive and at the same time very important topic - penis size. Men and women worldwide want clear information about: What Is the best penis size for multiple orgasms? Is 15 cm the average size of male genitalia? Is it necessary to enlarge penis? What if a penis size is too small?

In order to present you with relevant facts, I`ve been consulted by doctors of sex science, surgeons, gynecologists, urologists etc. I`ve studied all the scientific studies done on penis size and spoke on this topic with lots of women. Of course, I could omit my own research, saying that size does not matter, the most important things in life are love and respect, but we all know that the saying is true - Bigger is better. Size does matter!

When both G and A spots are stimulated, it may lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms, and potential female ejaculation. The G-spot is typically reported to be located up the front vaginal wall. To stimulate it, a man needs to have a wider penis. The A-spot is a sensitive crevice, located on the belly side of the cervix. To stimulate this sport, a penis must be long enough. Unfortunately, a man with small penis is unable to reach the A-spot. It means that his woman can`t get extreme pleasure and multiple orgasms...

Now lets discuss some key points about the male penis size. What is a 'normal' or average penis size? Although, the term "norm" is not quite correct, in this context we will use the "average size".

So the average size for an erect penis is between 16 and 18 centimeters. Now most men are likely to feel the sense of relief. However, it's no secret that women want and need a bigger penis...

18-20 centimeters is a perfect penis size to be proud of. In such case women tend to experience strong orgasms.

20 cm and more is estimated well above the real average. The survey data shows that this size is rare to find, despite most people overestimate their real penis size. Only 1% of men can have above average penis size. But these men are great lovers and often become subjects of endless admiration! Although, erect length, ranged around

16 cm is considered to be acceptable. But it`s not enough to satisfy a woman. However, in medical terms it is the average penis size and

12-14 cm is ranged as below average. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to give pleasure that most women dream of. In case of erect penis size, ranged

12 cm and less, a man should think about penis enlargement methods. In this regard, doctors use the term "micropenis". Men who fall under this category are not the lucky ones, being an easy target for bullies. In such case a man has to solve the problem without overarching belief in miracles. Fortunately, present-day world knows how to solve the problem.

What to do if so? First of all, don`t despair, you should find the answer to the problem and never blench. There are two options to improve your sex life:

Penis enlargement surgery. Do not be scared, increasing penile girth is provided by many modern medical centers. However, there are some drawbacks as surgical procedures always put a patient under the risk and sometimes it becomes a cause of an impotence. General anaesthesia is essential for some surgical procedures which can lead to severe headaches within 2-3 months after the surgery;

Home treatment means usage of various sprays and ointments at home. All sexsopatologists and urologists I`ve talked to, highly recommended Dominator cream. It`s very convenient: spray some amount of the remedy on the penis before sexual intercourse (or masturbation) and you will get strong erection instantly. After the first use a patient has the feeling as if his penis is swollen. As it immediately becomes bigger by 3 or 7 centimeters! Regular use of the cream (at least 1 month) will increase the penis in size. Thus, using Dominator cream on a regular basis you can achieve a better results.

Moreover, I was surprised when I found out that Dominator cream has been tested in a recent study at the Michigan Institute of Urology, attended by more than 100 participants. All of them had "micropenis" disease or were not satisfied with the size of their genitals. This fact proves the importance of the health issue for many men. According to the two months study, Dominator cream has shown the following results:

1. Increased penis size: Erect size was from 3 to 7 centimeters bigger. Besides, we are talking about a long-term effect which was seen in a month after the end of the course.

2. Longer sexual performance: A range of time amounts for sexual intercourse is increased significantly. As women are dissatisfied with their partners sexual performance, simply because the average man cannot last long enough to truly please his partner.

3. Stronger erection: Quick, strong and extended erection during the sexual intercourse.

4. Increased penis girth: Due to the full erection, the penis is increased in girth as well. It helps to give more pleasure to a partner by stimulating the G-spot.

5. Sperm quality: The quality and quantity of sperm is noticeably improved.

6. Explosive orgasm: The male orgasm is greatly enhanced by increased penile sensitivity and high libido.

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Sorry for my language, but a small penis is a kind of disability. I used to think differently back in the days, I didn`t get jokes about penis size and I never discussed that with my friends. But I happened to be lucky these days. Once I met a very kind, careful, successful guy... I fell in love with him at the first sight, but when we had sex I was bitterly disappointed... We had been dating for almost year and I have never had orgasms with him!!! I had to pretend all the time and after making love I masturbated in a bath, stayed under the radar like a schoolgirl. Then time came to break up, however, I couldn`t pluck up enough courage to tell him the truth! I didn`t want to offend him, he was a nice person but he had only 14 cm... It turned out that there are numerous of ways nowadays to solve this problem )) But I can`t even imagine how to say your beloved one about that? Something like "Dear, don`t you want to enlarge your penis???"


Lorraine, your were lucky, my husband had only 12 cm down there... I have had a hard time! But unlike you, I found enough courage to say that to him and as it`s very sensitive topic I chose more polite way! What was the result? He put the blame on me, saying that his penis wasn`t small vice versa my vagina was too wide! Moreover, he asked me lots of questions why I had orgasms with other men but not with him. So we just broke up as you did! That was the best decision as I was on the verge of cheating. It`s really hard to live without getting any pleasure from sex!!!

Andrew B.

Women are so spoiled nowadays. They can break up with no hesitation only because your penis isn`t big enough! What about love, my dear ladies??? Love, honesty and respect are very important for relationships, and by no means penis size! That is why men lose their confidence and have inferiority complex! Sweeties, haven` you thought that your pussy becomes “loose” after lots of sex? Don`t you want to think about your behaviour, hah? Choose one right life partner! Darn you, women of pleasure!!!


WOW! Watch your mouth, Andrew! Perhaps, you are one of them with micro penis that`s why you are so aggressive! Am I correct? Andrew, pay more attention to the article which says about the AVERAGE penis size and if you happened to be unlucky, then do something about it, as there are lots of methods now! Nobody says that divorce is the best solution, man just should not only get pleasure but also give it to his girlfriend! Right?


Girls, you are 100% right! Once again Andrew proved the fact that women and men are unable to discuss this topic peacefully! Men will definitely nurse grievance against women. Of course, a penis is tied to a man's self-esteem!!! I have a few examples, too. Once I had a holiday romance with a guy whose penise was only 10 or 12 cm. When we had sex I didn`t feel anything... I tried to forget this as soon as possible! But I faced with the problem again when I started dating with another guy, his manhood wasn`t at his best as well! I`ve tried to talk with him but he had hostile attitude toward my suggestions, so we had to say goodbye to each other. Thank goodness! There are some real men in this world!

Denis W.

hey people, is everything okay with you? What`s going on here?! What are you talking about? Just tell what ways u use to solve the problem instead of moaning. To be honest, I`m not sex god either, only 15cm. Yeah, it`s not micro but still i would like to add some centimeters. My wife is completely against surgery, so do i. I think cream would be perfect for me! Has anybody tried this Dominator thing? And are there any side effects?


Hi! I`ve been using Dominator cream for a month now and the results here are great. I had 13 cm, now 17. As for me, it`s really effective and affordable. The greatest thing is it is really completely natural. Indeed, it felt weird for the first time... as if my dick was swollen, but it didn`t hurt. I was afraid that it would have a freezing effect, but no! My girlfriend was shocked, she thought I underwent surgery ))) general, my sex performance is way better, my sweetie used to get climax only after stimulation, but now she experiences multiple vaginal orgasms. She says she really enjoys it now!

Mike Sanchez

I belong to the category of men with micro penises. Or to be correct, I belonged! My erect size was 10 cm. You can guess what young ladies thought about me, enough to make a cat laugh. Now I use Dominator cream, and I got plus 5 cm. I am satisfied I can really see a diffirence in my performace! Hope I`ll add a few centimeters more and then I can satisfy any chick! How stupid I was to think about suicide... I didn`t want to be an object of constant bullying and now I`m super confident in myself!

Victoria S.

I got married with my husband and had been living with him for 15 years, although, his penis is only 13cm. He was my first man, i had nothing to compare. But I never ever get pleasure in sex with him!!! I thought it was my fault but the reason was his small penis! Last year our relationships reached a critical point: my husband wanted sex, I didn`t as I wasn`t satisfied. Eventually we have divorced... Yes, I had tough times, however, not too long and I has started seeing with my co-worker. He opened a new world for me! I experienced exploding orgasms!!! And was in seventh heaven! I wanted more and more sex! Even now I`m so eager for that )) once I asked the size of his manhood, he was a bit confused with my question, but said 19cm. You see, girls!!! Size does matter! I might have lived without embracing a simpler, more joy-filled life if I haven`t met him!!!


My gun was 15cm. On the one hand it`s fine but on the other it`s not what I`ve dreamt will understand... Moreover, girls were not too impressed in bed with me... They never complained, never made fun of me! But they wanted more I`m sure! So I ordered Dominator, tried it out, and was amazed! My present size is maximized in both length and width! Even the head got bigger. Now I`m almost 20 cm!!! My self-confidence is 1000% higher! And women notice it! A few ladies even had squirt with me, I hope everybody knows what it means )) look what was before and what I have now:


Now I realized why my realtionships with my ex were not sweet, I was the reason why..huh.. I wish I could figure it out earlier. Although, I guessed what was it but I didn`t want to be operated. I never searched for medications as I thought it was useless and too expensive...
Just tell me where to order the original product not counterfeit? one more thing... I feel shy to do that... How to overcome this feeling? I can`t discuss too sensitive topics...

Mrs Robertson

Dear Nikki, I am sincerely happy for you but it is not the case to post pictures of your male genitalia! Your photo was deleted by our moderators, next time we will block your access to the website.

John, you can buy Dominator cream ONLY on the official website, just click the button "Place an order" down below! We also provide our followers with a special discount, it will be valid another couple of days, so hurry up to get advantage from it!
Moreover, beware of counterfeit products.

Best regards, Stephanie.

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